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I’m like a dog when I’m in pain. Touch me where it hurts and I will bite.
10% because it hurts, 90% because I’m terrified. Terrified of you making the pain worse.

Stupid, stupid, stupid…
The eject button is right there…

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can u keep it down i am trying 2 reed

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what the actual fuck Jennifer


what the actual fuck Jennifer

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I try not allow myself to get involved into things too deep. That way when I need to hit the eject button, I don’t hesitate and only endure the small collateral damage. Which can always be healed over time.

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I must be going crazy, or still sick from the flu. I have a crush.
He says sex is nice but he doesn’t want that from me.
He actually LIKES me and I’m actually interested in him.
I turn all girly when I’m around him. So girly, I actually want to wear those pretty dresses that he likes.
Omg, I’m disgusted with myself. T.T

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One of these #RejectedWeirdAlSongs will be featured on tonight’s new fatmidnight!

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I really don’t.